Cheap landscaping ideas

49 Cheap Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Yard

You’re thinking of transforming your front yard, but you don’t have the budget. You can find great ideas that are very affordable! You can do so much with just a little imagination and creativity, no matter if you have a small patio that needs some TLC or a large outdoor space that is in dire need of some major renovations.

Here are some inexpensive landscaping ideas that you can do. They will be both fun and beautiful! Invite the entire family to join the fun of creating a beautiful space that everyone will love. 

For great ideas for landscaping your front yard on a tight budget, keep reading!


Minimalistic Fencing

Modern fencing can give your landscape a sophisticated look. This is a great landscaping edging idea that won’t go out of fashion. Great fencing can give any area character, no matter how large or small.

You don’t have to waste a lot of material with minimalistic fencings like the one shown in the photo. However, the fencing looks great and does its job. Your yard will look modern and polished.

Plant Fruits and Vegetables

There is nothing better than transforming an outdoor space. It can be transformed into a beautiful, edible landscape. This is a great landscape idea for your front yard that will last for many months. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on seeds. Even if you choose to plant seedlings, your front yard can be transformed into an edible landscape you can use all year.

You can save money by planting and harvesting your own produce depending on the season. This is a great way for you to get the most out of your lawn, and it also helps the environment.

Create a Bathtub Planter

We found a creative way to make an old bathtub into a planter from the many inexpensive landscaping ideas! This is an adorable idea! But, what a great use for a bathtub as a planter! Bathtubs are strong, and spacious and can be used to protect your plants from pests such as rats or rabbits.

This would look great in a small vegetable garden. This photo’s circle lining is great because it includes tiny shrubs. This is a great way to transform old furniture and appliances into something beautiful!

LED Lighting

The majority of landscape designs that are affordable include very few lights. Outdoor lights can be used to do so many things, and LEDs are the most popular type of outdoor light available. This means that you can add a lot of “glow” to your landscape without having to increase your electric bill.

This is a great way to decorate your backyard or front yard and adds a touch of class and fun. Outdoor lights are always festive, no matter what season it is. Outdoor lights are always great and ready for any occasion.

Bloom Boxes

This is a great way to get started with gardening, even if you don’t have a green thumb. It’s easy to make bloom boxes from old wood that you already have around the house. Or, if you do have to buy some, it is very affordable.

The creation of bloom boxes that can be placed outside windows gives the area a charming garden appearance without overwhelming the landscape.

Use Creative Borders

You can easily groom and polish your backyard or front yard landscaping by using borders. You can use any type of landscaping border, including plastic barriers, boxes that go under the ground, planting rocks, or any other garden filler like peat or wood shavings.

There are many options. Borders can be used to separate garden beds, lawns, and other plants. This is a great way of making the most of your space and creating an interesting space.


String Lighting

String lights can make any outdoor space look amazing with their many shapes and colors. String lights can be used in any style or environment. These are easy ways to add style and flair to any area. These can be used to save energy in the long term, as they are available in LED forms.

These little lights can make any space look more stylish, whether it’s a big, open area with trees or a small backyard patio.

Stepping Stones

This idea is a great addition to your list of cheap garden landscaping ideas! Stepping stone paths are adorable and can be very useful. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on stepping stones, and you can make your own stepping path if you have them.

These paths can be created in any garden, including front yards. To create a steppingstone, you don’t need to have a garden path. These can be incorporated into an existing garden. It is easy to create unique shapes, sizes, or styles.

Use Tree Stumps as a Bench

Another great DIY tutorial will show you how to make benches from your own trees. This is a great idea that’s both practical and easy to do. This great outdoor idea is best if you have more trees.

The baseboard or pillar of the bench is created by the tree. To create the most adorable benches, all you need to do is to build around the trunk of the tree. This is an excellent idea for outdoor seating that doesn’t require you to buy lawn furniture.

Clean up Old Lawn Furniture

It’s easy to transform old lawn furniture for a low cost and it looks amazing with just a little effort! These benches look like they’ve been around before. They just need some TLC to make them beautiful again.

Perhaps you have old lawn furniture that you don’t know what to do with, or you know someone who is getting rid of it. The furniture can be transformed with a bit of paint or wood stain to make it beautiful again!

Grass Terrace

If you have an unusual poolside, this grass terrace is great. Although there are many pool landscaping options available, this one adds texture and dimension to the scene.

It doesn’t matter if you use different types of grass or shrubs on a terrace like this. It could be transformed into a tropical paradise by adding beautiful flowers, exotic lawn statues, and tropical plants. With a stacked terrace such as this, the possibilities are endless!

Crushed Stone

Crushed stones and garden rocks are one of the most cost-effective backyard landscaping options. You don’t have to spend a lot for grass turfs or other plants. Instead, you can fill large spaces with the crushed stone shown or garden rocks, gravel, and so on.

There are many garden fillers available. You can choose the color and texture that suits your environment best. You don’t have to fill your entire garden with rocks or gravel. Instead, you can outline the garden to add some decoration and beautify the space.

Small Hose Holder

Are you feeling creative? This DIY shows you how to make a small hose holder gardening box. It is adorable and you can easily make several to improve your garden.

This is one of the most cost-effective and simple ideas for small backyard landscaping. You can make smaller or larger boxes depending on how large your outdoor space is. This is a great family project that you can get involved with.

Repaint and Reuse

Furniture made from old wooden pallets is one of the most cost-effective, creative, and simple ways to make furniture. This furniture looks great and can be easily dressed up or down.

Pallet furniture can be painted or stained to match any theme or setting. You can make your outdoor space look amazing all year round with fun patio cushions.

Do It Yourself

To create interesting layouts, you don’t have to hire an architect. You can find some great ideas by doing some research and using photos such as this one to help you create them.

You can create a focal point for your yard by cutting out shapes in planters or sidewalk areas. You can use your imagination to create shapes that fit in your yard using garden beds, gravel, or rocks.

Rustic Farm

To create that rustic farmhouse feel, you don’t need to own a farmhouse. You can bring that farmhouse vibe to your space with crowd-pleasing furniture like this large table.

Imagine friends gathering around the space, enjoying each other’s company in an intimate setting like this. It is easy to recreate, and even easier to adapt to your decor and style.

Fire Wood and Small Pieces

Cheap landscaping ideas Firewood garden structure

These large-sized wood slices can replace your traditional stepping stones and garden ornaments. These are fun ways to make your garden the centerpiece of your yard.

You can add pieces to any space, no matter how small or large it is. This is a great idea. For added texture and color, add gazing balls or lawn statues.

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Work with what you have

Cheap landscaping ideas converted driveway garden

You can transform an existing space into a backyard or garden if you don’t have much space. This is an example of a converted driveway.

You can add plants and fencing to a driveway that you don’t use. This will create the illusion of having a backyard. Are you unable to use your garage?

It could be transformed into a beautiful covered patio or a kind of garden. To let in the natural sunlight, add a skylight.

Natural Elements

Cheap landscaping ideas tree stump

Natural elements like wood and stone can make outdoor spaces feel more natural. These elements are often cheaper than those you would find in nature and can be easily incorporated into any outdoor space.

The picture shows a wooden stump that can be used as a table or side table for outdoor patios. If you don’t already have stumps, you can easily find them in wooded areas and neighborhoods with many trees.

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The smaller the better

Cheap landscaping ideas small patio garden

You can transform a small patio with some interesting furniture or plants. You can easily scale the project up or down according to your space. However, this type of renovation is easy if you have what you need or are refinishing items.

Do you have a lot of pots that aren’t being used? Re-paint the pots and add your favorite herbs to make a small herb garden. Do you have an old coffee table? You can refinish it with some tiles or stain it to make your own mosaic outdoor patio table.


You can create a beautiful landscape design even on a small budget. These 49 cheap landscaping ideas are ready to transform your home today. These ideas were inspired by Rick Vermillion, Colorado Springs landscaping company.

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