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How a Popup Library Benefits the Community

It is sad when beautiful books sit in libraries benefiting just a fraction of the people they could be helping. It also puts a damper on the whole purpose of the library when all the innovative products you have developed remain underutilized. In such a situation, the library needs to sensitize people on their products and contribute to creating a reading culture by reaching out to people where they are. This is where Pop-up libraries come in.

Before we look at the benefits of Pop-up libraries, let us see what it takes to make a pop-up library. This library doesn’t need much in terms of physical infrastructure. You will still need to find a suitable person to operate the pop-up library. It is also vital for you to think through what to have in the library. What the library offers should be appropriate for the neighborhood in which it is located and for the demographic targeted, should there be any.

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Benefits of Pop-up Libraries

They save the community money

Public libraries are often built at the expense of the community or local governments, usually covering a large area. Sometimes people supposed to be served by the library live considerable distances or off the route of the library. Libraries and other public utilities typically bear the brunt of budget cuts when there is a need for adjustments in local budgets.

Pop-up libraries enable the library services to reach the people in the far-flung areas of the library’s jurisdiction, albeit at a much scaled-down level. The community and local government doesn’t need to spend money on new libraries since patrons can move to the library when they need advanced services.

They enhance the community’s reading culture

All communities have people who don’t like to read. Bringing pop-up libraries brings the services close to the people, making it easier for them to pick the books and attempt reading. The librarian could select the material available at the pop-up library specifically for neighborhoods with a poor reading culture. Such material should be easy to read and enjoyable to encourage reading culture.

They help the library establish partnerships

The pop-up libraries need to be located somewhere, and public utilities are some of the best locations. Through these libraries, you can establish partnerships with youth centers, places of worship, and other community centers. Through these partnerships, you can get more people coming to the library and reading enjoying the facilities. Pop-up libraries also publicize the main library to potential sponsors who might make donations. All these partners ultimately benefit the community through enhanced library services and greater access.

They publicize less popular library services

Libraries offer more benefits than checking books in and out. Unfortunately, many people who don’t visit these libraries don’t know much about the rest of the services.

The library is a public information center from which you can know of government’s activities and business opportunities. There can be activities such as storytelling, spelling bees, reading competitions, etc.

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