Join Mena Wahezi on her inspiring charity run

Mena Wahezi’s Inspiring Charity Run

Running a marathon is a tremendous challenge, but for Mena Wahezi, it holds a more profound purpose beyond personal accomplishment. Her motivation lies in creating a meaningful difference in the lives of sick children at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) in the Bronx, New York.

As a dedicated advocate for CHAM, Mena is on a mission to raise funds for CHAM’s Quality in Life Team (QUILT). This initiative offers essential palliative care and support to patients and families with life-threatening and terminal illnesses.

Palliative Care: Enhancing Quality of Life

Palliative care plays a crucial role in the well-being of patients and families facing challenging medical situations. It focuses on alleviating pain, managing symptoms, and providing emotional support to improve the overall quality of life. QUILT, the palliative care program at CHAM, offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that patients and their families receive the support they need during these difficult times.

According to the Center for Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), palliative care has significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. A study conducted by the CAPC found that patients receiving palliative care reported a higher quality of life and lower rates of depression and anxiety than those who did not receive such care. Additionally, families of patients who received palliative care reported higher satisfaction with their loved one’s care and the overall support provided.

Mena Wahezi’s Inspiring Journey

Mena Wahezi, a passionate advocate for palliative care, has taken her dedication to a new level by combining her love for running with her desire to make a positive impact. Inspired by the compassionate work of CHAM’s QUILT team, Mena has embarked on a mission to raise funds and awareness for this essential program.

With her upcoming participation in the New York City Marathon, Mena has set her sights on completing the race and generating support and donations to help QUILT continue its invaluable work. By running for charity, Mena hopes to inspire others to join her cause and make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children and their families.

Making a Difference: Impact of Fundraising

Fundraising efforts, like those undertaken by Mena Wahezi, directly and profoundly impact the programs and services provided by CHAM’s QUILT team. Donations help fund vital resources, including specialized medical equipment, counseling services, bereavement support, and educational programs for healthcare providers.

Statistics from the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals reveal the significance of fundraising efforts for children’s hospitals across North America. In 2020 alone, these hospitals raised over $1.4 billion, making a remarkable difference in the lives of millions of children. These funds provide critical medical treatments, research advancements, and support services that positively impact the lives of patients and their families.

Join the Cause: Making a Donation

Mena Wahezi’s dedication to running for charity inspires all who wish to contribute to CHAM’s QUILT program. Donating to this noble cause is an opportunity to help improve sick children’s and their families lives during their most challenging times.

To contribute to CHAM’s QUILT program, visit the official fundraising page [insert link] and donate today. Every dollar counts and brings us closer to providing vital support and care to those most need it.


Mena Wahezi’s commitment to running for charity showcases the power of combining personal passion with a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Through her efforts, she aims to raise funds and awareness for CHAM’s Quality in Life Team, supporting its mission to provide palliative care and support to children and families facing life-threatening illnesses.

Join Mena in her cause by donating and supporting CHAM’s QUILT program. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these brave children, ensuring they receive the care, compassion, and support they need to face their medical challenges with strength and resilience.

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