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How to find a digital marketing internship

An internship in digital marketing is an exceptional opportunity for interns to gain the skills and practical experience necessary to succeed in this field. Internships are usually unpaid and you will work part-time, sometimes 10-20 hours per week. You must have certain educational qualifications to be eligible for a digital marketing internship. You must have completed a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program at an accredited college or university, or be in the process of graduating within the last year.

What does a digital marketing intern do?

Digital marketing refers to the use of online channels to promote a brand or company. You will often be working as a digital marketing intern at a marketing company in an entry-level position. You will gain practical experience in researching and managing marketing campaigns. You might be given specific responsibilities such as managing social media accounts or supporting the analysis department. Administrative or assistant duties may also be available. The internship will prepare you for a career as a public relations or marketing professional. An intern in digital marketing must be organized and open to learning. Strong collaboration skills are also important since you will often work in a team.

Benefits of a digital marketing internship

When you are looking to work in digital marketing, it can be difficult to get your foot in front of the right people. It can be even more difficult to find work at a well-established and profitable business. An internship is a great way to get experience. A digital marketing internship can offer you the opportunity to work with a group of professionals. It can be hard to find a digital agency that will take you on as a young professional in the field. Internships allow you to gain experience and develop the skills needed to succeed in a full-time position.

Education requirements

Digital Marketing Interns have a common degree: a Bachelor’s Degree. 84% of them earn this degree. Close behind is the Associate Degree at 6%, and then there is the Master’s Degree at 6%.

How to find a digital marketing internship

Every day, there are many opportunities to apply for marketing internships. It is worth looking for them in multiple places. We found that many websites offer interesting marketing internships.

1. Indeed

Because it aggregates internship postings from different websites, Indeed is a great place to start searching for marketing internships. Indeed’s marketing internships are extensive and current. You can filter listings by keyword or location. This is useful if you are looking for a marketing internship at a particular location.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great place to search for marketing internships. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for both professionals and companies. It’s a good idea to join LinkedIn if you are interested in interning with specific companies or organizations. Keep checking LinkedIn regularly to ensure you are the first to view their job postings. These companies also offer the opportunity to connect with other employees and build your network.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor also offers marketing internships. It’s not just a job board, but also an employer review site. You can search for internships that interest you and find out if the company or organization has posted them. Glassdoor has a wealth of information on internships, employers, jobs, and other relevant topics. To access the content, you will need to create an account.

Start networking

An internship in digital marketing is a great way to expand your professional network. It can be hard to get a recruiter even to look at your application because the market is so competitive. According to LinkedIn, more than 80 percent were filled by professional or personal networking. You can gain valuable connections and continue to work with professionals in your field. This will give you confidence that will help prepare you for your future career.

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